Forms (For Parents)

Students must be 5 years of age on or before September 1, 2024 to be eligible for Kindergarten (K5).

Please use the form below to pre-register your child for kindergarten (K5) for the 2024-2025 school year at the school you plan for your child to attend. If your child is presently attending a K4 program in the School District of Oconee County, you do not need to pre-register the student for kindergarten, since he/she will be included in the Returning Student Registration group that will open in July, 2024.

An email notification will be sent to parents who have pre-registered their student for Kindergarten (K5) when online registration becomes available.

School Choice
After completing K5 pre-registration, if you would like for your child to attend a school that is outside the attendance area in which you live, you must complete a school choice request application in addition to your K5 pre-registration. Please use the links below to submit the appropriate application for your child. To check your attendance area, please click here.

If your child is not approved for school choice, your pre-registration will be transferred to the school your child is zoned to attend.

School Summaries (For school administrators)

School Administrators: Click your school below to view K5 Pre-Registration Data. These documents are not intended for parents. Please do not request access to these documents.

District Summary (For district administrators)